We have the privilege of working in a territory rich in history and resources. Great peoples of the past, the Etruscans, the Ligurians and the Romans have passed through this Tuscan valley, which accompanies the Arno River to Pisa.

The origins of the village of S. Croce sull ‘Arno and its name date back to the year 1000, when some families from Lucca decided to settle here and built a small oratory to preserve and venerate an ancient Crucifix.

At the beginning of the nineteenth century the name of Santa Croce and the surrounding areas began to be linked to tanning. The historian, Emanuele Repetti, recounts that in 1833, the processing of hides and skins was successfully carried out in three factories and in some fuller’s premises. Since then, this manufacturing industry has grown to excellence, characterising our social and economic fabric.